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    In everyone’s life, there comes a defining moment when we take stock of our health and lifestyle choices. It’s then that we decide who we want to be and how we want to live. Make this your defining moment and choose a healthy, happy future. At Definition Fitness, we’re more than a gym with personal trainers, we’re a complete lifestyle makeover facility with certified fitness professionals trained to help you achieve and maintain a state of overall physical and mental well-being. It Only Works If You Work It The trouble with most fitness programs is you sign up and start out with great intentions but, before you know it, you lose motivation and find yourself back at square one – only now, you’re stuck with another monthly bill. Not at Definition Fitness. When you work with our personal trainers you’re more likely to maintain your motivation and achieve your goals. Our personalized services and pay-as-you-go fee structure – unlike most regular gym memberships – means you only pay for services that you use. Our Personal Fitness Services Include: Fitness Evaluations General Fitness Training Cross Training Power and Strength Training Core, Balance and Agility Training Olympic and Power Lifting Speed Development Body Sculpting Injury Rehabilitation Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

  • Jax Sports Fitness

    We believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. The Jax Sports Fitness aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs, and guide you through every exercise, every workout. Our holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time.


    Your Questions, My Answers Where and when does the training take place? Most of my training sessions take place at the beach. We will do group rides in Nocatee, Ponte Vedra and Wonderwood. The interval workout on Wednesday mornings are at my house in Neptune Beach. We meet Monday evenings at 6:30, Wednesdays at either 5:30 or 9:30 am, and Saturdays at 6:30 am. These times and days are subject to change seasonally. Why should I spend money on a triathlon coach? I can do it by myself. Of course, you can train alone. I believe that my main purpose is to motivate you and develop a training program for you that corresponds to your requirements, problems, and goals. I am available for your questions and concerns all hours. If you are struggling with certain areas, I will meet with you so we can evaluate the issues and see if further assistance is required. How often will we train together? I am at every group ride and run. Occasionally we will do group swims where I will be there to guide you. WIth group as large as this one, you will certainly never be ALONE. Do you offer group training sessions in Mandarin or St. Augustine? While I am not opposed to hosting sessions on that side of town, I would need a group of at least 10 to get it started. Spread the word.


    Jack Carter, Certified Personal Trainer Tapped for a leadership role for multiple strength and conditioning programs by his high school Fitness Director and coach, Jack has been passionate about helping others exercise since he was a teen athlete. Through college, a career in finance and a move to Florida, Jack has always found the time to train others and has decided concentrate his efforts on the craft he loves, Personal Training, leaving his corporate career behind. Jack’s exercise philosophy is simple: improving health and fitness creates better quality of life. His holistic approach to fitness reflects his belief that the prevention of injury and illness can be seamlessly woven into a fabric of benefits including weight management, strength, balance and cardiovascular fitness, to name a few. Training with Jack is fun, challenging and stress relieving. Combine 15 years experience training with people of all ages and walks of life, a degree in psychology, and certification by one of the world’s leading institution in exercise science and this is the Certified Personal Trainer you get. Jack expects success from each of his clients, and possesses the passion and skills necessary to make it happen.

  • Velocity Multisport

    Velocity a vector quantity which refers to “the rate at which an object changes its position.” Imagine a person moving rapidly – one step forward and one step back – always returning to the original starting position.While this might result in a frenzy of activity, it would result in a Zero velocity. Because the person always returns the original position, the motion would never result in a change of position. If a person in motion wishes to maximize their velocity, then that person must make every effort to maximize the amount that they are displaced from their original position. Every step must go into moving that person further from where he/she started. At Velocity Multisport we subscribed to a holistic training module in order to attain Maximum Velocity . Our training plans utilize a periodized program in order to create specific stress, recovery and ultimately adaptations to the body and mind. We believe the mind and body are interdependent; changes in one cause changes in the other. The mind/body system has a certain capacity to adapt that varies from person-to-person. We focus on the stress/recovery/ adaptation cycling , by utilizing both Eastern and Western philosophies including but not limited to: Nutrition, PH monitoring, Stress management ,Core work, Yoga, Goal setting, as well as aerobic and anaerobic training and triathlon specific skills


    Kinetic Awareness & Integrative Fitness is not just another personal training facility where the trainer stands over you, orders you to do a movement, and counts the repetitions while they tell you about their weekend. The Owner and Designer of all of KAI Fitness protocols and programs, is actively involved in every part of the clients fitness and wellness experience. Scott Hernandez DC, CCEP Professional Health and Fitness Instructions Scott Hernandez DC, CCEP Professional Health and Fitness Instructions From the very first day during the assessment workout, the client is being analyzed for muscular imbalances and movement dysfunctions, and offered a corrective exercise strategy to correct them through a program Dr. Scott developed called Body COREx. A Wellness Consultation that will include going over any Blood Tests, Radiographic Imaging, and Client Injury History Information will be included if needed. The consult will also address the client’s nutritional habits and offered a natural meal plan and whole food supplementation protocol to enhance the results of the program. Too many people are going to trainers to get healthy, and leaving before their goals have been met. This unfortunately can be due to too many injuries that have been left unchecked by a trainer/coach whose philosophy is to just work through it, or who does not have the educational knowledge on what to do about it. In most fitness training centers, internal health related issues are commonly ignored, such as; chronic inflammation, soft and hard tissue damage, and metabolic dysfunctions i.e. (hormone and thyroid imbalances). This type of client may need further professional guidance before they can achieve the results of their specific program. After 25 years as a professional in the health and fitness arena, Dr. Scott is offering the residents of Jacksonville ankai7d the Beaches area a resolution to this problem. KAI Fitness science based exercise programming utilizes the whole body movement patterns of the revolutionary Kinesis Circuit Wall by Technogym ™ at the CORE of the resistance work. This was the preferred equipment used by athletes and trainers in the last Olympic Games. The ‘Wall’ is an important part of the specific, goal-based programming, which consists of 3-Dimensional resisted movements that will allow the client to not only look better, but function better in everyday activities and recreational sports. The word “Wellness”, has been the buzz word in the last decade, and most professionals agree that it mostly has to do with Balance, inside the body as well as outside.Dr. Scott Hernandez, is a State Licensed Chiropractic Physician and he works closely with other respected Health Care Practitioners in Jacksonville, to address clients who are out of the scope of KAI Fitness and its Wellness Programs. This will ensure that each of the member’s specific needs are addressed and not ignored. The doctor is making it his mission to not just teach exercise, but to incorporate all elements of wellness by offering workshops in; Natural Healthy Eating Strategies, Gluten and Dairy Free Living, Hypo-allergenic Professional Supplementation, Corrective Exercise Protocols, as well as Spinal Hygiene among other updated methods, to become and stay Balanced.


    Studio 33 is a personal fitness training studio located in Atlantic Beach, Florida. James Stewart is the owner and trainer. The studio is fully equipped to help assist his clients reach their maximum potential and achieve their goals as related to physical fitness! James Stewart Studio 33 James played college football at the University of Tennessee for four seasons. He was drafted into the NFL in 1995. Stewart was the second overall pick in the first round for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Stewart played nine seasons ending his career with the Detroit Lions. James Stewart continues to work in the field of physical fitness as a Personal Training here in Jacksonville. He continues to try and implement training essentials he has learned from his college and professional playing days. His main focus now is to educate and assist his clients outline a training program that suits their individual needs and then implement those programs so his clients can achieve their maximum potential. James sees each of his clients on a one-on-one basis to fully maximize their individual workout programs. Give him a call to discuss your needs!


    We’re the premier personal training studio with a commitment to personalized service and individual attention for those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We offer the most professional personal training in Jacksonville. Besides personal fitness training, we offer many group and individual programs. Services Personal Fitness Training Small Group Fitness Classes Golf Fitness / Sports Conditioning Superior Experienced Personal Trainers We start at 5 a.m. to meet your needs Nutrition Counseling Group personal training  


    Welcome to Sanders Elite Training (SET Performance), where we are breaking new ground every day and creating faster, stronger and better athletes for many sports such as football, basketball, soccer and lacrosse. Are you a linebacker who needs more short space agility and the ability to make fast turns? Are you a point guard who needs more hip stability? Are you a weekend warrior who is aiming to brave the Appalachian Trail or the Boston Marathon? At SET Performance, we create individualized programs for your particular body type and your particular needs in the sports you play. We work with professional and amateur athletes all over the United States and around the world to create a specialized training program that is completely scientific and based on no guesswork at all. The System Jerrian Sanders has been training athletes all over the world for the past 8 years. During this time, he used the qualifications he gained in Kinesiology, the science of your body and motion, to help hundreds of professional athletes all over the world become magnitudes better at their chosen sport and specialization. The amount of time that Jerrian has spent working with world-class athletes has allowed him to become a master in the craft of training for sports and become an expert in this elite field of high-performance athletics. By understanding the physiology of the human body, a program can be implemented to systematically develop weight loss or athletic development programs. The Programs SET Performance offers a variety of programs and services: Scientific analysis of your body type Evaluation of your current fitness and setting reachable goals Developing a specific, custom-made program designed to increase your strength, agility, endurance or any combination of the above Individual training for athletes of all levels Small group training for teams Weight loss advice and programs Boot camps for fitness SET Performance offers a whole gamut of services for physical fitness and everything is customized for what you need. Regardless of whether you are a fitness freak or an athlete, a weekend warrior or a daily sportsperson, every aspect of your training program is based on your tests and pure scientific methods are applied to make your goals a reality. Training for sports is a balance of physical and mental challenges that take you, step by step, to the next level, pushing your game forward and making you faster, stronger, and more enduring in any sports you do.


    God Speed Elite Sports Performance is a sports performance training company located in Jacksonville, FL built on the principle of overall athlete development. GESP offers a unique combination of professional instruction with a customized conditioning and training program geared toward producing high quality athletes who double as high quality people. It is our aim to develop skilled athletes mentally and physically. We want our clients to be extraordinary on and off the field of competition. You WILL BE trained by former collegiate and professional athletes who have competed at the level you’re striving to attain. After training with GESP you will have the confidence to achieve more, strive higher, and do better than ever before.


    Why should I choose Fitness Pursuits? We can help you achieve health and fitness results you haven’t been able to get on your own. What does your company provide that others don’t? Your unique fitness goals are our priority. We deliver fitness services to our clients, at times and locations that are convenient. How much weight can I realistically expect to lose with your program? It will depend on your level of commitment to your fitness program. 90% of our clients reach their fitness goals. How can you charge so little and provide such a great service? We keep our overhead low and pass the saving directly to our clients. How will I benefit from working with a personal trainer? You will have a balanced fitness program, accountability and motivation to ensure consistent progress. Are you making mistakes when you exercise that make your workout ineffective? Or worst yet, are you doing things that could lead to costly injuries? Whether your a veteran or novice at exercising you need to be sure you’re getting the best workout possible. What kind of results can I expect? Approx 90% of our program participants have successfully reached their health and fitness goals. How do I know which program is right for me? Your fitness assessment and goals discussion will be used to determine your program. Where will I meet with my trainer? At your home, office or gym where ever is convenient for you. We bring the train I don’t like working out, but I really want to lose weight, what can I do? Get a fitness assessment and let us customize a unique training program that meets your specific needs. Every day I wake up with low back pain and soreness, will resistance training aggravate my back? Our trainers are qualified to work with people with low back and soreness…after they have been cleared by medical professional. Will I have an initial fitness assessment? Yes, all clients have initial fitness assessment. How many times a week will I work out? This will be determined by initial assessment and goals discussion. Can they provide nutritional advice? We have nutritionist partners. Can they provide programs for when I’m on holiday? Yes! Are they available at the times I need? Hours of operation from 5am to 10pm How flexible are they with regard to changing appointment times? Very flexible with 24 hour notice Can they come to my home? Yes Do they have portable equipment? Yes Do I need to have equipment if I am going to be working with a trainer in my home? No equipment is necessary to begin. Are all of your personal trainers certified? Insured? Yes Can I pay for a block of sessions at a reduced rate? Yes Do you offer gift certificates? Yes, Please email us for details. How do I get started? Fill out getting started forms and schedule your initial fitness assessment.


    Hello! I’m Julie Stackhouse, a USATF Certified Level I and II Instructor in multiple event areas. I coached Division I collegiate cross country and track & field teams for over a decade before making personal training a full-time pursuit. My entire life has been devoted to sports, fitness and wellness and I obtained both my bachelors and masters degrees in Health and Exercise Science while competing as a scholarship athlete at Furman University. I am currently the head track & field coach at Providence School in Jacksonville, FL. My passion is sharing my expertise in the field, training individuals from novice to elite, youth to masters to achieve their personal bests, no matter their fitness goals. My emphasis is on lifestyle changes – in a healthy, safe, progressive and FUN manner! Clean eating, effective personal workout design, prevention from and rehabilitation of existing injuries is my focus.

  • Kim Brown Personal Training

    Hi, I’m Kim Brown I’m an AFAA Certified Trainer and hold certifications in Elite Combat Fitness, Elite Kettlebell, and Spin and Group training. I have personally been training for over 23 years and was previously a group exercise instructor and Personal Trainer at the YMCA. It all started in 2006 as I experienced a new passion for health & fitness. I had a strong desire to change my body so I hired a personal trainer and set a goal to compete in the NPC Figure Competition. I had to lose 33lbs in 10 weeks. My goal was achieved and I placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 4th, and 5th, in five respective level IV competitions and qualified nationally. In 2008 I was in the absolute best shape of my life both physically and mentally. Due to the drastically visual and measurable changes I made to my physique people started asking me for advice and help. It was at that time that I realized my passion to help others attain their goals. Armed with what I learned about dieting and training I began having boot-camps in parks and at the beach. As the client list began to grow it was time to consider opening a personal training studio location. In 2009 I experienced a dream come true when I opened my first personal training studio. My studio located at 11570 San Jose Blvd. Suite #6 is open to EVERYONE with any level of exercise capability. Since that time I’ve worked with several clients for various reasons. Most commonly weight loss and strength & conditioning are the goals. I am also honored to have worked in the rehabilitation of a cancer patients. If you wish to workout one-on-one or in group sessions I can help you achieve your goals. I believe everyone can reach their goals with the right knowledge and tools. Qualifications: AFFA Certified Personal fitness Trainer Certified inCPR/O2/ First Aid & AED Certified Group Ex Instructor (Spin, Zumba) ELITE Combat Fitness ELITE Kettlebell NPC Figure competitor

  • Body Works Personal Training

    Fitness that fits in your busy lifestyle and budget! Body Works Personal Training in Jacksonville, Florida was founded by Ernest Brandon. As leaders in the fitness industry, we have been helping people achieve their health and fitness goals for over 15 years. Our unique and methodical approach to fitness allows us to help you achieve individual goals while always implementing a health oriented approach. We believe that teaching people how the body responds to exercise and nutrition, empowers our clients to achieve a lifetime of fitness. Our training is done in a private studio with one-on-one attention not big group training. We provide personal training, and nutrition counseling to Jacksonville and the Beaches area. Come check us out and see what we can do for you!

  • Under the Sun Fitness

    Bored with your workouts? Tired of ‘going to the gym’? Not seeing RESULTS? Love being outdoors? Need motivation? Get FIT & Have FUN… Under The Sun! – Sunrise & Sunset Fitness Classes On The Beach! – – Beach Boot Camp, Seaside Stretch, Circuit Training Classes & More! – – Weight Management & Lifestyle Change Coaching – – One-On-One Personal Training – – Group Personal Training – – Offering Women Only Classes – – Classes For ALL Ages & Fitness Levels! – – In-Home Training for Women & Couples – – THE 24-Day Challenge That Will Change Your Life! – Under The Sun Fitness offers it ALL! Working out will never be the same again! “Health (spiritual, physical & mental), fitness, nutrition & well-being are my PASSION — both on a personal & professional level. I have passion for helping people grow in all aspects of life to achieve their goals & to make lifestyle changes that will lead to a more fulfilling & enjoyable life. To help people meet goals they never dreamed were possible is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. To know that I can… help change someone’s life, help them feel better, help improve their self-esteem, help them grow in all areas & help to increase their confidence are accomplishments that you can not achieve through many career paths! And, as a believer & follower of Jesus Christ, I believe the Truth in The Bible that promises… ‘We CAN do ALL things through Christ who STRENGTHENS us!’ ~Philippians 4:13 I believe in making fitness FUN! Workouts should be fun, enjoyable, full of variety AND, at the same time, challenging enough to feel like you are getting the maximum benefit from your workout! Each person has their own specific fitness needs & goals.  Therefore, I believe in working with each of my clients—physically, spiritually & mentally—to challenge them & help them ACHIEVE those goals. Achieving goals & lifestyle changes are not easy… but, with motivation, dedication & determination, combined with a trainer’s direction & knowledge, the “impossible goal” will become the… ACHIEVED GOAL!!” ~Lori Paris, Owner/Fitness Trainer Under The Sun Fitness Visit our website:

  • Pearson Fitness

    About Your Trainer Joey has been a personal trainer for over 6 years, and has conducted thousands and thousands of personal training sessions. He holds the prestigious ISSA certifications as Certified Personal Trainer, as well as Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. He practices what he preaches, and is a competitor in Men’s Physique competitions. Some of his clients have also gone on past their original goals, and participated in competitions themselves – and won! When he is not at the gym training, he enjoys spending time with his daughter, preferably enjoying the great outdoors!

  • GeTT ITT Core Fitness

    WHAT IS C.O.R.E? C…. Circuit/Cardio. My circuit courses are designed to build your cardio with a balanced level of running tailored to your fitness goals. O…. Obstacle Course Training. My program is designed with the obstacle racer in mind. Each exercise is placed in the program so as to simulate high cardio outputs with lower recovery outputs. R…. Resistance/Recovery. This is the point where the intense exercises blend in with the running aspect of this training creating a high intense level of resistance with a lower longer level of recovery time before the next exercise. E…. Endurance. As time goes by and you attend more of my classes you will start seeing an overall improvement in your endurance levels both in strengths and running… Take the next step in your fitness and bring your overall health to the next level.

  • Enjoy Fitness

    Founded in 2012, EnJoy Fitness is a full service triathlon, endurance, and strength training organization serving individual athletes and corporate customers throughout Northeast Florida. We work with all levels of athletes, from beginners to elites, as well as individuals who want to gain a healthier lifestyle through basic mobility and improved nutrition habits. We understand the time and commitment it takes to reach challenging goals, and are committed to help every step of the way with proven methods that deliver results. Certifications: * AFAA Certified Personal Trainer * Premier Training Systems * USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach * Track & Field Level 1 Certified Coach * Apex Nutrition * TRX Certified * Certified Taekwondo Instructor I enjoy working with a wide variety of people with goals ranging from those that want to lose weight, become more fit and healthy to beginner athletes learning to run and do triathlons. I advocate core focus and  functional exercises that help people in their everyday life to move easier and  feel better. I also like to incorporate as many muscles in a work out as  possible to burn as many calories as possible. These core and functional exercises are full body exercises that engage the abdominals and surrounding muscles to help you get stronger and help you move in everyday life. These exercises improve balance, strength and endurance to help you feel better and less tired throughout the day. I assist clients in a form of self-massage called myofacial  tissue release or foam rolling. This is a form of recovery along with  stretching to rid the body of lactic acid & toxins assisting to eliminate  painful joints & sore muscles.

  • Fitness By Patty

    Hi! I’m Patty Soud, Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor since 2003. I specialize in training individuals to reach specific goals. Weight loss, fat loss, sports specific needs, pain relief, and a better quality of life are the goals for which most people seek my help. What you can expect from working with me: It’s vital that exercise never grow dull. I design creative programs that are always super-fresh, effective and functional, meaning they translate directly to your daily needs, whether you play sports, lift boxes or sit in front of a computer. Most importantly, I emphasize fun: I help my clients find new ways to enjoy being physically active every day. My training focuses on: Using functional exercises Developing core strength Correcting faulty posture Progressing balance with coordination Creating more range of motion Preventing/rehabilitating injuries Relieving pain My philosophy of whole-body fitness: Live Healthy – Eat cLean – Be Strong: You only have one body, and one life. The healthier you are, the more you can do, and the better you can do it. I truly believe that proper nutrition and regular exercise are the two best things you can do for your body; and when put together, this healthy lifestyle is the most natural form of medicine. Our bodies function from the inside out, and it is imperative to “clean house” for the best possible results. I take a very personal approach to exercise and training my clients with careful respect to their bodies. Professional background: I’ve done it for myself – and I can show you the way. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training and have been certified through the following organizations: ACE – American Council on Exercise ACSM – American College of Sports Medicine AFAA – Aerobics and Fitness Association of America APEX – Certified Fitness Professionals IFPA – International Fitness Professionals Association NCSF – National Council on Strength and Fitness Les Mills International – Certified BodyPump Instructor American Red Cross – First Aid, CPR/AED In 2010, I was chosen by the local news station WJXX First Coast News as one of Jacksonville’s top 5 personal trainers and featured in the 12-week spring edition of Kick It Up First Coast: Ultimate Family Challenge – the Jacksonville, FL version of NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’. I also represent the Jacksonville area for fitness as a community ambassador for lululemon athletica . Personal background: I was born in the Philippines and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. For 6 years, I was a cheerleader who loved stunting, dancing, and motivating a crowd. I am now an avid surfer, love to practice yoga, and travel the world with my husband.


    We can talk about our great coaches, programming, and facilities, but OP CrossFit is truly on another level. Your membership will include things that you won’t find at any other CrossFit in the area. Call us today to get started with the ultimate CrossFit experience!

  • Pulse Fitness Center

    Pulse Fitness Center is a 4,500 square foot facility with a unique at home charm. Large front windows showcase the facility lined with treadmills, a stepper, rowers, elliptical equipment, strength training equipment and a free weight floor! We showcase LifeFitness, TechnoGym, Cybex, TKO kettle balls and soft dumbbells, squat rack, smith machine and Kineses by TechnoGym. We offering Personal and Group Training along with onsite Rehabilitation by Cora Rehab! Call us today at 904 642-1414 to Jump Start your fitness journey!