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    CrossFit Dominus, conveniently located between Jacksonville and Orange Park, Fl city limits, is a new business venture created by two close friends who met in the corporate fitness industry over eight years ago. Brooke Haas and Neil Alpahando helped change the lives of hundreds yearly through personal training. When they trained someone it was more than just a one hour “sweat session” though. To them it was finding out what motivated their clients, knowing how they were feeling before they even said a word, finding out how their week was, how their kids were doing in school and even what kinds of plans they had for the weekend. They were more than just trainers, in some ways they were life coaches. It was important to them to truly get to know their clients. The corporate gym culture does not always support this. Brooke and Neil believe that CrossFit allows for this, making it more than just an hour long “workout”. Each hour spent with a crossfitter provides a final outcome of gaining a “family”. This their goal as a CrossFit affiliate, to be able to join people together who desire to live a healthier lifestyle and have fun while working towards this.

    In December of 2014, a dream will be coming true for Brooke and Neil. Over the past year a lot of behind the scene work has gone into setting up CrossFit Dominus and their future crossfitters for success. Neil’s best friend Lynn Bussell and wife Katie Alpahando have helped bring a vision to life and will continue to serve Dominus for years to come. With the support of the owners family and friends they will strive to help foster a positive environment in which all are welcome.

    What sets Dominus apart from other gyms and CrossFit Affiliates in our area? It is our focus on making sure that you are fully prepared and ready to participate in any type of fitness activity. Thousands walk into a gym setting on a regular basis and attempt to perform exercises they are not ready for. We are focused on lifelong functional fitness for our athletes…not just throwing you into a class environment without a knowledge of the movements and proper technique. Our group classes are for our members that have obtained a proficiency in functional movements and a good baseline of fitness.

    We have spent many years studying, learning and experimenting with ways to get people fit in a safe and effective manner. We have learned how to get people motivated and to keep them injury-free so they can be fit for life not just for a quick fix. We strongly believe in the research that Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, shared with the fitness community several years back in the CrossFit Journal article “What is Fitness?”. He prescribed a formula of constantly varied, functional movements, at high intensity. We follow this formula that has been proven across high level professional athletes and those seeking to be a more fit version of themselves.

    This philosophy that Glassman began teaching has been shown to be effective in prescription, however we have seen it work best in a one on one environment. The functional movements that Glassman refers to are effective, challenging, and complex. For this reason we require our athletes to show both mechanics and consistency in our movements prior to adding intensity.

    These movements are taught best with a watchful eye and the skillset of a great coach. Unlike when you are put into a group class without personalized coaching. This can make you uncomfortable and more importantly put you at higher risk of injury.

    We have learned over the years that a higher coach to athlete ratio provides a better learning experience and overall a safer environment. It allows the athletes to learn better movement patterns and as a result yields a healthier community of people.

    At CrossFit Dominus you will start out in a safe one on one environment with your coach who will know you personally and guide you each step along the way. Once you are able to show mechanics and consistency at a high level of intensity we will help transition you into our group classes.

    Overall, we want you to be the healthiest you have ever been and continue to be for years to come.

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