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    The way we think… Here at Prep Werx, we firmly believe that commitment, dedication, and hard work are some very vital keys to permanent success. That being said, we don’t promise that you will lose weight over night or grow to pro bodybuilder size in a day. Prep Werx is not a miracle cure or fast track to being in shape, but we are a stepping stone that you can use to start building your new body. We are a group of friends who literally started loving life and our time at the gym, but what we found is that jugging work, family, and the gym left us with very little time to prepare healthy meals for us and our families. Because of this lack of available time to cook we ended up not eating as healthy as we should. That’s when we started to realize that we would love to have our meals already ready each day and all we have to do is heat them up and eat. The problem with this thought is that all of the “heat and eat” meals at the grocery store are loaded with stuff that just isn’t really good or clean. It was about this time that we realized that it really is hard to find a decent pre-made meal that is actually healthy and fills the dietary needs that we wanted for the gym life. So we decided to fill the need in our area and create healthy, tasty, and simple meals that can be delivered to you on a daily basis. Our Goal Our goal at Prep Werx is to provide each and every one of our clients with the highest quality foods that also have a terrific flavor, while providing our clients with the highest possible level of customer service. We know that without our clients we would literally be nothing, that’s why we are taking a different approach to business. Our approach is to truly put our customers first. We want to build this business around the needs of our customers. We look forward to hearing from our customers since we know that your feedback is how we will learn, grow, and improve the level of service that we offer our clients. Not only do we want your feedback, but we are working daily to create interactive loyalty programs that will benefit our clients. We want to create an atmosphere of support, commitment, and health that will benefit each and every one of our clients. Keep your eyes and ears open for regular updates and improvements to the level of service that we offer.


    Flex Foods Mission Statement The concept and mission of Flex Foods can be summed up in one old cliché “You are what you eat”. We believe that healthier food options should be readily available to anyone who makes the decision to take charge of their life through their diet and lifestyle. What is Flex Foods? Flex Foods is a food delivery program that incorporates fresh product, caloric controls and healthier cooking techniques. Originating from the strict diets of bodybuilders and figure competitors, Flex Foods has evolved into a mainstream ever changing method of controlling what and how much food clients consume. We are NOT nutritionists or dieticians, although we do consult with both. We are professional cooks, chefs and trainers who compete or simply enjoy this way of life and have found a way to share their knowledge of healthier lifestyles and diets with those who desire to take charge of their own lives by doing the same. Why Flex Foods? In today’s world time is at a premium. Between the stresses of work, raising a family, cleaning, paying the bills and simply the rigors of everyday life its no wonder we have no time for anything else. It is simply easier to hit a drive through or fast food place and eat what they have to offer than take the time to shop, prep, cook and clean up, and especially for healthier options. We can take that stress off of your hands. 66% of our great country is overweight. 33% is obese. That’s why Flex Foods. How Does Flex Foods Work? At Flex Foods We use the same basic formulas bodybuilders use to determine their own Basal Metabolic Rates (simply the calories you need to maintain your current lean muscle mass). From there we determine your specific goals for your gender and body style classified by brackets, super dieter-dieter-maintenance, lean bulker, bulker and super bulker. Each of the meals in these brackets fall into a specific caloric range. We then supply you with the one most suited for your goals and deliver them to you prepared fresh daily. Our Cooking We use clean cooking techniques and fresh ingredients. Lean cuts of meat and fish, heart healthy oils, whole grains and brown rice. Good healthier choices prepared by real chefs and cooks. What good is a diet if you don’t like the food? You will cheat. If you never feel as though you are getting enough food; you will cheat. We can work with you daily on these issues. We are willing to allow a certain number of allowances for likes and dislikes. If you need more food, we supply you with more, healthier options. In order to develop the extreme physiques you see on stage and magazines, bodybuilders and figure competitors diet for months. While necessary for our sport, they are monotonous, boring diets, full of repetition and eventually a painful caloric deprivation. There is NO reason in the world that people simply trying to look and feel better about themselves should ever have to go to those extremes.


    Welcome to Back To Balance, Inc! Back to Balance, Inc provides an innovative and personal approach to nutrition counseling. Our registered dietitian provides services for families, individuals (children and adults), and couples in the Northeast Florida community. Our Philosophy In an ideal world, school lunches would avoid having burgers, hot dogs, fries, and soda on the menu. At Back to Balance we teach and stress the importance of bringing nutrition back home in order to help our children make better food and drink choices, and learn to value the importance nutrition plays in our current and future health. At Back to Balance we also believe it is never too late to develop good nutrition habits. We offer a wide range of nutrition services, including personal consultations, classes, and specialized supermarket tours for individuals and couples of all ages. Whether you are dealing with weight management, nutrition therapy for diseases, or nutrition through the lifestyle, we have a service for you. Allow Back to Balance to work as your personal health coach today!


    Have you ever felt confused about what the heck you are supposed to eat? Assuming you say yes, as most people do, you’ve come to the right place! Thank you for visiting Fresh Food Perspectives! I started this site in 2007 to have a place to answer frequently asked nutrition questions that I received from friends, family and clients. I really enjoying simplifying complicated nutrition messages so they are easy to understand and inspiring people to live healthfully one decision at a time. I believe healthy eating is a journey that allows you jump on the band wagon anywhere that fits you and ride in any direction you want to go. What I mean is, you don’t just wake up one day and know exactly how to eat the right quantity of food, how to include whole, local or organic foods, or maybe even how to prepare healthy foods. It’s a process and that’s ok. I believe you should take your time with healthy living and adjust to each new change as it comes. My favorite place to be is in the kitchen, cooking, writing, or dreaming. If cooking is not your thing, I hope some of my time in the kitchen will make it easier for you to prepare something tasty at some point. One of my other favorite places to be is at any farmer’s market or local restaurant. Local food inspires me and that hopefully shines through in my writing. I am a wife to a head high school football coach (thus my frequent use of the hashtag #IamTammyTaylor), mother to two boys (ages 2 and 7 months), and a college instructor at the University of North Florida. All these things keep my life rather exciting (especially in the fall) and I love it. Adding motherhood to my list of job descriptions has caused me to grow in ways I never knew were coming. I look forward to learning and growing, right along with you, and sharing those lessons with you. Please stick around by subscribing by email, RSS or Twitter and following my Pinterest page for more great ideas. You’ll get updates on new recipes, healthy living adventures, science, restaurants, products and encouragement. Check out my recipes page for award-winning ideas and my services page to see the other ways I can help you in your healthy living journey.


    Welcome to “Healing with Foods”. My name is Mihaela Adriana Telecan. I’m a registered dietician and licensed nutritionist. After the completion of a Master of Science in Nutrition with FIU, I continued to take many courses and become certified diabetes educator (CDE), certified GAPS practitioner (CGP), and certified health coach (CHC). I am very passionate about my work; I specialize in creating personalized “roadmaps to health” for my clients, by using a holistic approach to health and wellness. I worked as a veterinarian doctor in Romania, and upon moving to USA, I followed my love for nutrition and wellness, and completed a master of science in nutrition. I then worked as an outpatient dietitian at the largest community hospital in Miami, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and as spinning and fitness instructor at Gold’s Gym and other local gyms. I now coach private clients in the process of using nutrition to achieve optimal health and to support treatment of various medical conditions. I am currently living in Jacksonville Florida with my husband and my son. I love outdoors activities, the beach and the sun, good food and wine from time to time. Are you curious about how holistic nutrition coaching can help you? Learn more about my training and my approach. “To do nothing is also a good remedy.” Hippocrates – See more at:


    Kathy is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and a certified Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance RYT200, who has been living with Crohn’s Disease since 1994. Kathy discovered that by eating clean whole foods, and completely eliminating gluten, sugar, and dairy, helped to alleviate symptoms dramatically, improve physical performance, and enhance her overall quality of life. More than 1.4 million American adults and children are affected by digestive diseases like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis—that’s one out of every 200 people! Kathy’s Table is the answer to eating clean, and improving the way you look and feel for life. Eating healthy and being fit is a lifestyle, and Kathy is here to help you do just that! Please keep in mind, Kathy is not a doctor or medical professional, so anything on Kathy’s Table cannot be considered medical advice. Before starting any diet, you should consult your doctor. Do not change or stop your medications without consulting your doctor as doing so can be dangerous. To learn more about Crohn’s, visit Kathy continues to stick to her Remicade infusion treatments, to keep the disease in remission and avoid any future surgeries. “Who knew that by just eating whole foods could not only make you feel better… but look hotter, perform stronger, and live longer.” – Kathy Do yourself a favor, and order Kathy’s Table today!


    At Nutrition Solutions we provide the resources to individuals that aspire to experience a superior quality of life, and have the drive and discipline to set goals and take massive action toward achieving them. We expedite lifestyle transformations and produce extraordinary results by coaching our clients and educating them on nutrition, exercise, accountability, and paying it forward. Our system is for those who refuse to accept mediocrity.


    J. William Culinary opened in June of 2012. Having the title as Executive Chef in several fine dining establishments and having graduated with Honors from The French Culinary Institute in NYC, James first began this concept of healthy-meals-on-the-go by preparing tasty and exotic, ready-to-eat meals for fellow colleagues as a means to further their fitness potential. Since then, published author of “Paleo Grilling, the Modern Caveman’s Guide to Cooking with Fire”, Chef James Phelan has been serving both quality interpretations of classic dishes for both fitness-minded and busy individuals. The meals are vacuum-sealed for individual consumption, thus allowing for maximal freshness for up to ten days in your fridge or six months in your freezer. We prepare our meals daily with a variety that ranges from Paleo-friendly, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Low-carb and Vegan options. We strive to provide a new variety of meals each week which depends greatly upon the produce received from our nationwide, as well as locally owned vendors, and in accordance to what’s in season. Our menu also provides the macro-nutrients per meal. The choices are not only satiating to the pickiest of eater’s palate but also provides a bevy of options sure to keep your diet feeling less like a “diet” and more like fine dining. When placing an order, we simply ask that you allow us until the next business day to fulfill the order either for pick up, delivery or shipping, allowing for any variations in meal preperation needed and coordination with our shipping and delivery drivers. We will email you once the order has been completed. Make yourself at home while visiting our store location and even meet the Chef. J. William Culinary’s interior, reflects the classic sensibilities of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to intimate settings for catering events offered for any occasion. There are two patios to chose from whether you prefer an in-door patio setting or outdoors on our terrace enjoying the beautiful, always sunny, Florida weather.

  • Under the Sun Fitness

    Bored with your workouts? Tired of ‘going to the gym’? Not seeing RESULTS? Love being outdoors? Need motivation? Get FIT & Have FUN… Under The Sun! – Sunrise & Sunset Fitness Classes On The Beach! – – Beach Boot Camp, Seaside Stretch, Circuit Training Classes & More! – – Weight Management & Lifestyle Change Coaching – – One-On-One Personal Training – – Group Personal Training – – Offering Women Only Classes – – Classes For ALL Ages & Fitness Levels! – – In-Home Training for Women & Couples – – THE 24-Day Challenge That Will Change Your Life! – Under The Sun Fitness offers it ALL! Working out will never be the same again! “Health (spiritual, physical & mental), fitness, nutrition & well-being are my PASSION — both on a personal & professional level. I have passion for helping people grow in all aspects of life to achieve their goals & to make lifestyle changes that will lead to a more fulfilling & enjoyable life. To help people meet goals they never dreamed were possible is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. To know that I can… help change someone’s life, help them feel better, help improve their self-esteem, help them grow in all areas & help to increase their confidence are accomplishments that you can not achieve through many career paths! And, as a believer & follower of Jesus Christ, I believe the Truth in The Bible that promises… ‘We CAN do ALL things through Christ who STRENGTHENS us!’ ~Philippians 4:13 I believe in making fitness FUN! Workouts should be fun, enjoyable, full of variety AND, at the same time, challenging enough to feel like you are getting the maximum benefit from your workout! Each person has their own specific fitness needs & goals.  Therefore, I believe in working with each of my clients—physically, spiritually & mentally—to challenge them & help them ACHIEVE those goals. Achieving goals & lifestyle changes are not easy… but, with motivation, dedication & determination, combined with a trainer’s direction & knowledge, the “impossible goal” will become the… ACHIEVED GOAL!!” ~Lori Paris, Owner/Fitness Trainer Under The Sun Fitness Visit our website: