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    Jacksonville, Florida is the homebase for all Dance Trance Fitness programs world-wide. We have two local studios here in San Marco and Neptune Beach.  This dynamic dance fitness program is a very original and unique concept that can’t be found anywhere except in our studios. The DT choreography is created in a manner that allows students to pick up combinations as they learn. The musical phrases (verses, chorus, bridge, and instrumentals) are all choreographed so that movements also repeat with the phrases. Although students learn many songs in a class, they are able to pick up on this method of teaching and learn the combinations as they are working out even if they don’t attend beginner’s level classes. This is the embodiment of the “DT routine”- originally choreographed combinations to original music by the original recording artist. Another unique aspect of DT is the lack of instructor microphone(s). There are no voice commands. This class is all about the music. Students change with the music or follow hand signals displayed by the instructor. We totally promote setting yourself free to become one with the rhythm and one with the music. This class was also designed for the fitness enthusiasts that get bored with their current routine. DT is never boring and changes on a daily basis to keep interest and a love for great music at its peak. This class is so exciting that members have offered to pay just to watch the class at work. The Dance Trance program includes many events other than just the fitness class. Examples include an annual dance fitness cruise called the Groove Tour Cruise; Dance in the Dark, which is an annual Halloween class; and so many parties, themes and events that are too numerous to name. Interactivity is supported online through online newsletters, daily online messaging, online blogs, message boards, and chat rooms and promoted through suggested activities at your own fitness facility. DT has truly succeeded at setting up a program where the students actually become a part of the experience and feel like they are “members” of a group. Dance Trance makes fitness part of your life and you a part of our great big DT Nation.


    At Bravo, our goal is to offer quality dance education in a positive and joyful learning atmosphere, where our students can express their love of dance and improve their skills to become the best they can be. We have a dedicated staff that share a positive attitude and passion for dance & creative expression, promoting a genuine sense of self-esteem to our students while teaching the disciplines of dance. Bravo is owned and operated by Peter and Anne Booras, we have a 3600 sq ft facility in the regency area next to David’s Bridal and Outback Steak House.


    Welcome to Our Studio! In order for you to have the best learning experience  we have designed a program for you to learn Belly Dance so that its Fun, Exciting, and Challenging. New students register for at least one course, and are able to drop in to (or register) any class at or below their level for extra practice. Each course is an 8 week course designed to teach you specific moves, techniques and combinations. The corresponding 8 week choreography course applies the moves from the accompanying level before so that you can apply the movements learned into combinations and a fun dance!  We also offer private instruction to help students progress with personal attention. Beginner Belly Dance This course is designed to develop a strong foundation for beginning your journey to becoming a Belly Dancer.Learn all of the necessary core movements, isolations, and basic traveling steps while becoming familiar with belly dance music and culture. Beginner Choreography Learn a fun choreography implementing the moves and combos learned in Beginner. You will also practice the combinations from the choreography to different songs and rhythms to increase proficiency and muscle memory with the movements. Intermediate Belly Dance This course is designed to expand your belly dance repertoire. You will hone your isolation technique and learn variations of basic movements and travel steps.  You will be further introduced to Belly Dance music by learning to identify a few of the main Middle Eastern Rhythms.  You will also be introduced to using the veil and other props as you continue to the next level in your dancing. Intermediate Choreography Learn a fun veil choreography implementing the moves and combos learned in the intermediate course. You will also practice the combinations from the choreography to different songs and rhythms to increase proficiency and muscle memory with the movements. ​Advanced Belly Dance This course is designed to expand your belly dance repertoire. You will improve your musicality and add variety to your dancing.  You will be introduced to basic finger cymbal (zills or sagats) patterns and rhythms. You will perfect all of the isolations and begin to layer, alternate, and travel with movements.  You will learn combinations and transitions as you develop your technique to become a well-rounded dancer. Advanced Choreography Learn a fun drum solo, taxim, and veil choreography implementing the moves and combos learned in Advanced Belly Dance. ​ Join the Rakettes! Afteryou have completed Advanced Belly Dance and Choreography, we suggest you audtition to join our Student Troupe! In the troupe practices, students will continue their belly dance training at an advanced level with a great group of women.


    Welcome to Absolute Dance Studio Absolute Dance Studio is Jacksonville’s top place to take Latin and Ballroom dance classes. Come and experience our warm and friendly atmosphere, where our highly trained professionals will give you the most fun and exciting dance lessons in the city. Our first responsibility is to the members of our club, and we take teaching dance lessons very seriously. We offer a full range of social dances, and adhere to the three point teaching system. Group classes, private lessons, and practice parties are the methods we use to make you the best possible dancer in the quickest amount of time. The benefits of dancing are without parallel. If you want to gain new friends, increase your self confidence, re-connect with you significant other, or feel a sense of achievement through dancing, we are here for you. We have programs for everyone! If you like the show Dancing With the Stars and want to dance at that level, we have a competitive program designed just for you. Dancing competitively is a part of our studio system, and anyone can participate. There are competitive levels for all phases of development, from beginner to open-gold we have the right fit for you. Come and be a star of our studio. If Dancing With the Stars is your motivation, we are entirely capable of meeting your dancing needs. Taking dance classes is a fun filled and fantastic journey where the path is just as much fun as the destination. Stop sitting on the sidelines of life and jump in with both feet on the dance floor. We have dedicated our lives to guiding you on an unmatched experience through the artistic and physical achievements that can only be bestowed by dancing. Give us a call at (904)-262- 9709, or stop on by anytime and let’s get started together.